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We are offering some courses about prepainted metal. These courses are totally free. The only thing we ask for is some basic information about you and your company.

When you have registered, you can enroll in one of our courses and complete the modules and earn an ecca degree.

1. Introduction To Coil Coating

A basic introduction to all aspects of prepainted metal and coil coating

2. The coil coating process

A description of the coil coating process

3. Substrates for coil coating - steel

How steel is made and the types of steel used as a substrate for prepainted metal

4. Substrates for coil coating - aluminium

How aluminium is made and the types of aluminium used for coil coating

5. Pre-treatment

An overview of the pre-treatment process, including strip cleaning and conversion coating

6. Organic coatings

A description of the organic coatings applied in the coil coating process

7. Environmental aspects of coil coating

The environmental benefits and impacts of coil coating and an overview of relevant European legislation

8. Markets for prepainted metal

An overview of markets from both a statistical and a descriptive viewpoint

9. Design & use of prepainted metal

Details on how to design with prepainted metal and practical advice on how to use this material

10. Toolbox

Contains guidelines documents, recommendations and other files related to coil coated products and their process